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MHA Course Details & Subjects


Semester Details

  •  Hospital organization and management theory

  •  Healthcare Services and its Application

  •  Hospital accounting system

  •  Bio statistics

  •  Legal and medical issues in hospital

  •  Principles of Marketing

  •  Computer and IT for hospitals


Semester Details

  •  Health economics

  •  Hospital Financial Management

  •  Operations research and research methodology in hospitals

  •  Strategic management in healthcare

  •  Inventory control and purchase management in healthcare

  •  Management of hospital services

  •  Know your hospital


Semester Details

  •  Patient care management

  •  Total quality management

  •  Human Resource Management (HRM)

  •  Hospital planning

  •  Hospital Equipment Management

  •  Hospital Information System


Semester Details

  •  Biomedical Waste Management and Environmental Health

  •  Entrepreneurship and consultancy management

  •  Health insurance and medical tourism

  •  Special paper

  •  Dissertation

  •  Internship

  •  Grand Viva


Special Paper

  •  Marketing of hospital services

  •  Medical records management

  •  Hospitality management

  •  Drug management

  •  Healthcare quality management

  •  Nutrition and diatetics

  •  ** For any special paper there should be minimum 25% students of the total strength

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